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December 1, 2019 Wilma Magazine

This is another case of me continuing to pursue my dreams and working hard behind the scenes. This magazine feature came about because I sent emails and made phone calls. Now I only called once and this wonderful person by the name of Maggi called me back and I explained to her that I was trying to perform for one of there events. That next week I believe, we had an informal business meeting and I said, well let me do like a presentation for her as well. I brought my laptop with me and showed her some of my work. I then followed up and sent her the presentation via email after our wonderful meeting. She forwarded my information and thought I'd be a great fit for the Take 5 feature and I'm still amazed at how this all worked out. Take a look at the article listed below. Everyone was amazing including the photographer and writer. Thank you Maggi and everyone at Wilma Magazine.

Special thanks as always to Paris Shanae Wilson for doing my make-up. Checkout her Facebook business page at POSH Faces by Paris. Last but not least, thank you to Robin and the rest of the Tails Piano Bar staff for allowing me to do this photoshoot at their beautiful venue before my performance that night.

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