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August 2, 2019 WECT News 6 - Performed live on Local TV

Performed live on WECT News and we had wonderful time on air and behind the scenes. I always love to share a little history of how it all came about. Of course as you may already know, I will

try to market my music as an independent artist as best as I can. TV is a major outlet to do that and so I would send emails and make phone calls to various radio stations and TV stations. I had just released my new single called Love with a Ring Attached in July 2019 and wanted to perform it live. At the end of July 2019 I was able to get in contact with news anchor Ashlea Kosikowski. She replied back and remembered me from a previous live performance that year and said I sounded great. Everything worked out and the date was set to go live in August.

I was wondering...what will I wear on TV? Anyway, I decided to wear my white jumpsuit that I already had ordered online. However, when I tried it on it wasn't fitting as well as expected to include it was a little longer. I'm only 5'2....yes I"m So I contacted Elychia Redmond who assisted me on the Love with a Ring Attached video. She came to my home and we tried on many of her and my jewelry accessories to go with my white jumpsuit. She even measured me and hemmed the jumpsuit to fit me length wise perfectly. She then took the time out to wash/steamclean and iron the jumpsuit and brought it back to me before the live TV performance. The talented make-up artist Paris Shanae Wilson of POSH Faces completed my look with her make-up skills. She is fabulous and so please be sure to book her.

So, after my look was complete, Elychia had time to go with me to the newstation. Upon arrival, we went backstage to sign some documents and I received an overview as to what was going to take place. During the soundcheck, we started the party early and we had a great time. Elychia was able to record some behind the scenes footage and I'm grateful for that. Ashlea Kosikowski asked me some great questions and did a wonderful write up. Ashlea and the staff at WECT were so nice and we enjoyed ourselves.

Later that night, I had dinner scheduled for those who could attend at a restaurant called Henry's in Wilmington. Just to name a few in attendance: Elychia Redmond, Annemarie Slevin, Gary Collins, and more. We all had a wonderful time laughing and eating to celebrate my 1st TV appearance. I received flowers and we took pictures and it was just beautiful.

Again, thank you Ashlea and WECT for this opportunity. Thank you to all of my supporters and for those who assist me behind the scenes. Much love to you all.

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